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    Things to do


On-site attractions

Make this a family affair – with Put Put, an Outdoor Pool, Trampoline, Kids Play Area and Fishing available, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Florisbad Research Station

Situated 30km from Reinheim, where the 259 000 year old human skull fragment was found in 1932. This discovery of the human skull supports the hypothesis that the well-known Neanderthal people of Europe and Asia were the descendants of the first modern people on the earth, who first appeared in the sub – Sahara – Africa.

Soetdoring Nature Reserve and Predator Park

While you are on the Florisbad route, you can visit the Lion Predator Park and the Soetdoring Nature Reserve. This is a heaven for many Game species associated with the grassland plains.

Glen Agricultural College

The Glen Agricultural College, that’s been a model farm for agricultural education in the Free State since 1913. This college also hosts a living farm museum that has regular demonstrations of traditional farming methods.


Mimosa Mall and the Loch Logan Waterfront is a mere 15 min drive from Reinheim. For the quick shopper there is Northridge Mall that’s about 5 min drive from Reinheim.